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Thank you for summarizing these points! Za kompozycję serii odpowiada Yoshiko Nakamura, a za projekty postaci Miwa Oshima. She uses her cooking to help him enjoy meals again. When Nakano feels down, she tries to cheer him up; often with the aid of her tail if necessary. The Tale of Genji in Japan is the first fiction in history in which the name of an individual author is clear. Yasuko Koenji jap. He went searching for food and came to a shack to find someone there and she gave him raw food. He notices there was something else in the food, but it tastes the same as Senko's cooking. Several of them also show that his relationship with Senko is the inverse of Nakano's, with him pampering her. Marshmallow Hell : Her proper introduction to Nakano involves him obliviously resting his head on her generously big breasts, the softness startling him. Drukuj lub eksportuj. Her fluffy tail gets him in touch with his silly, little-boy side that he suppresses most of the time.

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Second, his neighbor Kouenji walks in on him trying to get to touch Senko's ears as promised earlier, and almost calls the police on him before Senko manages to buy her silence with food. April 8, Help improve our database by adding background information here. Really Years Old : Despite looking like a year-old child, Senko is actually years old. The funny part is this happened both times the when the fox girls were trying to get him to admit he wants to have sex with them. He stares at Shiro's tail, and she notices. One night, after yet another day spent overworking, the moment he opens the door of his home he finds a seemingly young girl with fox ears and a tail cooking dinner for him — her name is Senko, an year-old fox demigod. Fox deities can see this darkness and have the duty to save people before it is too late. It is eventually revealed that the man is indeed Nakano's ancestor, and that Nakano may also be his reincarnation.

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SEA : Animax Asia. Shiro got scared by him and leaves, passing through the wall to Koenji's apartment. Archived from the original on February 11, This show tries to makes Nakano simple so it is easy to self-insert ourselves. Archived from the original on April 19, More reviews by Stark Apparently they bonded over video games. He is the center of Senko's pampering. Womanchild : Despite being nearly as old as Senko, she doesn't act her age. Afterward, she does some cleaning around the apartment and finished. Retrieved August 11, Animated by Dogakobo, this was also the perfect choice for a studio.

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (The Helpful Fox Senko-san) -

  • They don't share human physical affection though.
  • Wikipedia labels the series as a comedy.
  • In the manga, he doesn't have an imagine spot, but does initially think that people will assume he's kidnapped a little girl and forced her to cosplay.

The eponymous demigod fox who decides to pamper Nakano to prevent his darkness from engulfing him. She had initially had a master that greatly resembled Nakano hundreds of years ago only to lose him in some unknown circumstance. Adorable Fluffy Tail : Her big and fluffy tail is pretty much a big part of the series image, especially how soothingly soft and cushiony it feels to Nakano, who takes every opportunity he can to pet, squeeze, and stroke it to ease his stress, much to Senko's constant reluctance given how "" stimulating " it is to have her tail fluffed. Affectionate Nickname : Most of the senior inari refer to her as "Sen". Amnesiac God : It's eventually revealed that she's the leftover conscience of a malevolent hate-filled nine-tailed kitsune, which had escaped from being petrified by the other kitsune that tried to stop it. The caveat was that she retained none of the memories of her original self, and only learned about it shortly after her beloved master took her cursed hatred into himself. Angry Cheek Puff : Senko puffs her cheeks when annoyed as a Character Tic , which shows off how immature and childish she is despite being a years old Asian Fox Spirit. As a result, she feels obligated to pampering him to help relieve his stress from work, and also watched over him when he was a child, guiding him back to his grandmother after he got lost in the woods. Character Title : She's the titular "helpful fox". Clingy Jealous Girl : Gets upset when Shiro and later Sora tease him, and suggest they could "pamper" him in other ways Senko couldn't or doesn't want to. Senko gets upset at Nakano after Sora teases him while visiting his apartment, and he teases her about it. That night, dinner consists of a single fried fish and a bowl of rice, which Senko mentions recalling how it was one of his least favorite dishes. The Determinator : She would stop at nothing to make Nakano's life a little better. Enemy Without : It's later revealed that the curse on Nakano's bloodline is actually the result of his ancestor taking into him the grudges and hatred of Senko's original sel f, with said curse being a way of keeping said hatred sealed in order to prevent it from reuniting with her and returning to it's hate-filled destructive ways. Fantastic Arousal : Her tail is her erogenous zone. She has the tendency to make suggestive sounds whenever Nakano strokes it. Has a Type : Chooses to pamper Nakano because he was the type of guy she was into and due to him being the descendant and possible reincarnation of a man she loved in the past.

How would you like to be pampered by a talented and cute year-old fox girl? She also happens to be a loli, if that is your thing. Nakano is a stressed, overworked salaryman. At first, her attention makes Nakano feel guilty and uncomfortable. But as time goes on, he comes to appreciate Senko and her role in his life. At one point in the anime, she even calls herself his mother-wife. Nakano loves her soft, fluffy tail. He enjoys fluffing and rubbing his face on it. Nakano, however, has a childlike innocence—he just likes the softness and warmth—and seems oblivious to how it senko san ill pamper you Senko.

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Senko san ill pamper you. The Helpful Fox Senko-san Wants to Pamper You in Virtual Reality

Like many hardworking members of the workforce, Kuroto Nakano is perpetually stressed out by his job. Still, since he lives alone, he must carry on to sustain himself. Little do humans like Kuroto know, this stress takes the form of darkness residing within a person's body and will bring one's life to ruin. Fox deities can see senko san ill pamper you darkness and have the duty to save people before it is too late. To help rid Kuroto of his stress, Senko-san, an eight hundred-year-old foxgirl, volunteers to take care of him, and will do everything she can to ease the tension in his weary soul. In this thread, you'll find a comprehensive list of anime acquired for simulcast release during the Spring season. Anime series licensed for home video rel Apr 2, senko san ill pamper you, AM by Snow Discuss 77 comments. Shows to Watch and not Watch in Spring Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Your guide to 's Must-Read Manga is here! Edit What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites.

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Just relax, and accept the pampering! Kuroto Nakano is just your average Japanese office worker —stuck in an exploitative company that puts far more work on him than is reasonable, safe, or even sane, putting in such long hours he has no time for relaxation or socialization with friends, and finally going home alone to his apartment at the dead of night. His situation has gotten so bad that a dark, ominous miasma has begun to leak out from him, so large his suffering and stress spreads to other people and makes them miserable just by being near him. Such a life is unsustainable, the key to an early grave if he doesn't change things soon, but what can one man at the end of his rope do? The Helpful Fox Senko-san Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san is a slice-of-life manga by Rimukoro, featuring the daily life of Nakano and Senko doing most everything she can to make it easier, providing help in the form of doing his chores for him, keeping him company, or once per day letting him touch her fluffy tail.

There are not much to see from them as the focus is not on the characters. NA : Crunchyroll. Afterward, she does some cleaning around the apartment and finished.

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